Real Hypnosis... Real Comedy...

So, you're the lucky person who's in charge of scaring up fun and frolic for your company party, meeting or association convention? Or perhaps your club or college event? How about a charity fundraiser that'll really rake in the bucks?

Of course you want to hire a performer who will make you look like an entertainment Einstein. An act that's clean, comical and a bit offbeat? Someone who will get your whole groups attention and involvement? Who will turn your occasion into a shindig they'll never forget?

rustyz.jpgComedy Hypnotist Rusty Z, The Hypnotic Comic™ is one of the few real deal hypnotist/comedians in the business. (He's been featured on A&E and Comedy Central.) So, instead of the usual canned hypnosis demonstration that a magician, DJ or hypnotherapist-turned-stage-hypnotist dishes out, Rusty will deliver a screamingly funny and audience appropriate "Hypnosis Party" with jokes and routines custom-tailored to your group!

In addition to Rusty Z's comic abilities, he also brings his "Swinging Svengali" stage persona to your soiree. Really, who'd want to hire an entertainer who reminds you of Arnold from Accounting?

Rusty Z's Hypno-A-Go-Go™ stage hypnosis parties are always in good taste and no one goes away embarrassed, except maybe the skeptics who didn't "believe" in hypnotism at the start of the show.

Make your next happening your most memorable ever! Book Rusty Z Today!