Real Funny Interactive Speaker!


  • James R. Zingelman (aka Rusty Z) is a funny and Interactive motivational speaker.

Speaking on topics such as "Stress Management using Humor and Hypnosis" (the combination of these 2 stress fighters is even more powerful in managing stress than each alone), "How to Get People to Like You Even Though You're About to Control Their Minds" (if you can get them to like you in this situation, you can get them to like you in any situation) and "Make Better Decisions Using a Paper Clip and a Rubber Band" (an underused way to tap into your subconscious using ordinary office supplies), James will both educate and entertain your aggregation. Heck, he'll probably throw in a little team-building stuff too!

In fact, many companies and associations will tap James (and Rusty Z) to do both a speech/seminar and a full-out hypnosis stage show for their meetings, retreats or any celebration.

Click HERE to read some comments from an improv/comedy/self-hypnosis workshop Rusty Z (as his alter ego James) did for a group of medical professionals.