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Why I Don't Do Mentalism or Magic Along With My Hypnosis Show

A lot of stage hypnotists come from a magic tricks or mentalism (magicians who are bad at sleight of hand do mentalism) background. I prefer telling jokes to fooling people.
One thing for sure, a lot of stage hypnotists come from a magic tricks background. Others started in hypnotherapy. Some have zero entertaining experience at all! (I think they fig…

Are You Hiring a Comedian, a Hypnotist or an Entertainer?

A lot of people don't know exactly WHAT they're hiring for their event or HOW to go about it.
So many people call themselves a "hypnotist" or "comedian." But what are event planners really looking for? An "entertainer." Last week I got this review from a client: …

For What I'm Worth

Have you ever wondered why professional entertainers charge what they do?
For What I'm Worth. Why Professional Entertainers Charge What They Do. Pablo Picasso was once asked, "Why are you charging so much for that little painting?" Picasso replied, "I…