Jan 30, 2018

Some stage hypnotists were having a discussion online today about those who use the term "Master Hypnotist" in their promotional materials. We were not only trying to define what the term meant, but we were also wondering why so many stage hypnotists use it in their promo kit? This is the best we could come up with:

First. What does "Master Hypnotist" mean?

In the words of 1970's one hit wonder Edwin Starr, "Hua, absolutely nothin'!" Truth is, anyone can call themselves (or anyone else) a "Master Hypnotist." Heck, I can call you, dear reader, a master hypnotist! Again, it means not a thing. It doesn't mean the person is necessarily a better hypnotist. It doesn't mean the person is a better entertainer. It's a nonsense phrase, that's all.

Second. Why do so many stage hypnotists use the term "Master Hypnotist" in their promotional materials?

Well (as a consumer you may not want to hear this), the answer is simple: To dupe you, the unsuspecting potential client! Truth is, many stage hypnotists (and other entertainers, too) rely on the potential client to be uneducated in their form of entertainment and to make an uninformed hiring decision.

So, our moral? Don't fall for the hype. Ask questions. Call past clients. Meet the entertainer in person, if possible. Do your best to educate yourself before falling for hyperbole and deceit.

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Category: Comedy Hypnosis

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