Are You Hiring a Comedian, a Hypnotist or an Entertainer?

Dec 14, 2017

So many people call themselves a "hypnotist" or "comedian." But what are event planners really looking for?

An "entertainer."

Last week I got this review from a client:

We will be talking about what an awesome entertainer he was all year ! Great Job !!!

Review by Chuck L. FROM GRAND JUNCTION, CO ON 12/9/2017

There was a little more from this review but the words "comedian" or "hypnotist" were never mentioned, something I'm very proud of. 

Comedians are not hired to "tell jokes." Hypnotists are not hired to "hypnotize." We're hired to entertain, and we're hired to entertain because we're really hired to add value to the event and bring people together!

So few comedians and hypnotists (and other entertainers) do this. Heck, I'm guessing most don't even know the root reason they've been hired.

Choose carefully, event planners. Hire a comedian or hypnotist (or other type of act) who knows why they're at your event. 


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